National Critical Infrastructure Programs


Ensuring the security and resilience of our nation’s critical infrastructure requires awareness, collaboration, and action among a vast set of government and non-governmental entities. The Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies are charged with engaging these diverse stakeholder sets through various programs aimed at building our nation’s capacity to protect against and recover from various threats.

Lafayette Group combines national program planning and outreach strategy experience with “outside the beltway” thinking and credibility to help federal agencies successfully engage and deliver value to critical infrastructure partners at all levels while managing risk at a national level.


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National Planning

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Agency & Industry Partnerships


Stakeholder Engagement

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Technical Assistance Delivery

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National Planning

Lafayette Group helps government leaders set priorities and develop the national strategies and actionable plans necessary to improve the security and resiliency of critical infrastructure. By combining domain and technology expertise with a suite of comprehensive data collection and analysis techniques, we enable programs to rationalize the complex set of threats, vulnerabilities, and capability requirements that exist across diverse critical infrastructure communities. Our stakeholder-driven approach enhances buy-in and ensures that plans reflect both the cutting-edge possibilities that can drive the sector forward and the operational and technological realities that must be considered to achieve successful implementation.

Stakeholder Engagement

Lafayette Group supports every aspect of stakeholder engagement to achieve the “opt-in” required across the community for successful national efforts. We work with clients to define and understand the diverse stakeholder segments within the mission space, their needs and priorities, optimal channels and methods for engagement, key messaging, and how to overcome potential challenges. We develop product and services in a variety of formats and mediums to optimize outreach, and we bring in experienced “outside the beltway” experts and practitioners to help clients establish credibility and build productive relationships.

Agency & Industry Partners


Experts & Project Insights

Technical Assistance Delivery

Lafayette Group is the recognized leader in the delivery of federal technical assistance to the state and local public safety community.  We have served multiple federal departments and agencies on topics ranging from governance planning and interoperability to technology and cybersecurity planning.  Lafayette Grouop subject matter experts have delivered customized services to tens of thousands of critical infrastructure stakeholders in every U.S. state and territory.

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DHS CISA Emergency
Communications Division

Lafayette Group has supported the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Emergency Communications Division (ECD), formerly the Office of Emergency Communications (OEC), since its inception in 2007. Through strategic planning, data analytics, and stakeholder engagement on a national scale, we’ve helped ECD shape and evolve its organization, services, and product offerings to meet the technology and operational emergency communications priorities of public safety across disciplines and levels of government.  We’ve also been hands-on in delivering thousands of products, trainings, and other technical assistance services to federal, state, and local agencies, impacting the interoperability, security, and resiliency of systems relied on by hundreds of thousands of public safety personnel and millions of U.S. citizens across the country. With its reorganization into the newly formed CISA, we’re working with ECD leadership to enhance the Division’s operational capabilities and to integrate risk-based, data-driven approaches into its planning and decision-making processes in order to optimize integration with and support to the overall CISA and DHS missions.