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Training & Technical Assistance


LGI is the recognized leader in the delivery of federal technical assistance to the state and local public safety community. We have served multiple federal departments and agencies on topics ranging from intelligence sharing and interoperability to campus security and violent crime reduction. LGI's subject matter experts have delivered customized services to tens of thousands of responders in every U.S. state and territory.

Our approach to training and technical assistance begins with the development of courses designed to balance the priorities of our federal clients with the realities of the state and local public safety environment. Our technical assistance focuses on completing as much material as possible–using research and best practices–before arriving at the site, which allows us to make the most of the valuable time that we have with agency personnel. Likewise, in conducting exercises our belief is that it's not the size of the simulated catastrophe that matters, but the ability of the scenario to pinpoint and test the intended capabilities. 


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Exercise & Observation

LGI has supported over 200 exercises and planned event observations nationwide. Our support includes exercise design and evaluation services to federal, state, local, and tribal agencies to ensure the success of public safety policies and programs. All LGI exercises are guided by trained subject matter experts and staff, and all exercises comply with Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program guidelines.

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LGI has led critical training to thousands of public safety and emergency response practitioners in both the government and private sectors. LGI’s cadre of experienced and highly qualified subject matter experts is heavily involved in developing curriculum and providing training on law enforcement, fusion center, intelligence, public safety, and communications interoperability practices, including all aspects of the National Incident Management System/Incident Command System.

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Governance & Plans

We have worked with agencies at all levels of government—including all 56 U.S. states and territories, scores of major urban areas, and several federal agencies—to assess governance needs and develop organizational structures, plans, procedures, and strategies to meet those needs. Our approach utilizes a blend of subject matter experts, experienced facilitators, and collaboration tools tailored to the specific needs of each customer and focused on developing solutions that are both achievable and impactful.



LGI provides in-depth operational analytics in the fields of law enforcement and public safety communications to enable our clients to make better-informed operational decisions. We generate detailed analyses and recommendations through discovery and clear presentation and explanation of patterns in quantitative and qualitative data. Our staff synthesizes all of the information gathered with these analysis methods to assist our clients. Not only are we highly capable and experienced in public safety operations, we are also dedicated to providing the best and most useful results to our client, while promoting innovation and excellence.

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Technology & Engineering

The right technologies, planned and implemented correctly, not only can significantly improve an organization’s security and resiliency to threats, but also can be force multipliers if they complement the way an organization executes its missions. We provide technology assessment, planning, engineering, testing, and training assistance to government agencies to help them understand near-term and long-term requirements, evaluate solutions, and ensure successful integration into mission-critical operations.

Project Insights

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2018 College Football Playoff National Championship & Super Bowl LIII Planning and Training Support 

Every year, the Super Bowl and the College Football National Championship Game attract a combined 150,000 spectators. With safety and security being a top priority, LGI assisted the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in aiding the Atlanta area in the preparation for the College National Championship Game in January 2018 and Super Bowl LIII the following year. We assisted the public safety communications committees with the development of various event-planning documents and provided trainings for first responder communications personnel. LGI's effective training sessions, assistance with advanced preparations, and collaborative efforts helped ensure that the Atlanta Metro area was able to successfully host these two large-scale events.

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