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About Us

LGI provides strategic and technical expertise to support the public safety and national security needs of federal, state, and local government agencies. From emergency communications services and technical assistance support, to mission-critical law enforcement management, LGI is at the forefront of public safety and national security innovations.

With a diverse team of professionals, who have served on the front lines of law enforcement, criminal justice, emergency management, the military and government, LGI offers its customers a broad array of talent and capabilities. Key areas of expertise include management of law enforcement and public safety programs, data analytics, development of advanced technologies, support of cross-border interoperability initiatives, and outreach to state and municipal agencies. LGI manages a comprehensive portfolio of local law enforcement and U.S. Government programs in the areas of cybersecurity, countering violent extremism, public safety broadband, counter-terrorism, crime control, corrections, national security and intelligence, counter-narcotics policy, and emergency communications.

United in our mission and values, LGI seeks to provide unparalleled service to our clients by supporting the evolving public safety and national security environment.

Our Core Values

LGI’s core values are the fundamental beliefs that guide our actions, unite our employees, and define our brand. These guiding principles dictate the behavior that all LGI employees are expected to embody and uphold.

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We are a trusted partner and develop strong, long-lasting relationships with our colleagues, clients, and stakeholders


We are passionate and committed to our clients and their missions, and we deliver innovative solutions that make a difference


We seek out diverse perspectives and collaborate to connect unique expertise, experiences, and backgrounds


We adhere to the highest ethical standards of personal and business conduct, and we use direct, open, and honest communications


We respect our clients and colleagues, maintain composure in challenging situations, and positively influence others


We are agile and responsive, ensuring the efficient delivery of thoughtful and high-quality results

“We strive to improve our communities by helping the government and private sector deploy capabilities that
keep us safe and

As part of LGI’s focus on sustainability, we are committed to reducing our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across the board. Click here to learn more.

The Way Forward

As LGI celebrates over 25 years of service, our revenues continue to grow in each of the four sectors that collectively comprise our business plan:

  • Public Safety Communications: We will continue to serve as the largest contractor for the First Responder Network Authority of the U.S. Government and expand our technical and policy support during the implementation of the $47 billion national broadband network.

  • Homeland Security Communications: We will expand our contract to provide training and technical assistance to federal, state and local agencies across the nation. LGI will grow as the leading contractor to guide public safety agencies from analog communications into the new digital age of smartphones and apps.

  • Cybersecurity: With five successful cyber projects, LGI will expand business to include the election offices at all levels of government and will provide technical assistance for vulnerable Federal agencies.

  • Law Enforcement & Intelligence: As the sole contractor for the Major Cities Chiefs for almost two decades, LGI will add multiple new projects to the current portfolio, including expansion of new counterterrorism projects for Department of Homeland Security and national intelligence agencies.

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