Organizations rely on data analytics and business intelligence to promote confident decision making and help drive operational efficiencies. As more teams begin to produce and consume larger quantities of data, the return on investment in an analytics program grows exponentially. However, it can be difficult for organizations to navigate the crowded analytics market, refocus existing IT resources, and maintain an analytics program long term. Lafayette Group simplifies the process by working with teams to build and maintain a powerful analytics program so they can focus on improving their organization through new insights. We help organizations promote a data-driven culture through cross-cutting capabilities that offer insights that would have otherwise been overlooked.

Lafayette Group differentiates itself by placing a heavy focus on an organization’s mission during the entire process. Particularly during data discovery and requirements gathering, it is crucial that we include the right resources (both human and data) to make sure the right questions get answered. We apply our tailored analytics framework to establish the necessary data governance, processes, tools, training, and security to ensure that the resulting analytics capability meets and supports an organization’s strategic objectives.


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Data Strategy & Governance

Lafayette Group helps leaders in organizations apply effective data governance strategies to make the most out of their data, which is quickly becoming one of an organization’s most valuable assets. We lead data-driven transformation efforts by developing customized solutions that enable better decision making and improved functional performance. Backed by our proven data governance and management approaches that anticipate and avoid common pitfalls, Lafayette Group promotes the use of consistent and approved practices when handling data, operating analytical tools, and enabling access to information across an organization. Our data strategy and governance capabilities ensure that organizations realize the full value and benefit of data analytics and business intelligence.

Experts & Project Insights

Michael Holvey 

Michael Holvey joined Lafayette Group in 2019 after working for a top 20 insurance agency as a senior business intelligence analyst. Michael brings to Lafayette Group expertise in all aspects of business intelligence (BI), including data management, preparation, visualization, and analysis. He is passionate about empowering organizations by using data to drive strategic efforts and measure the impact of programs, especially as they relate to public safety. At Lafayette Group, Michael supports Department of Homeland Security (DHS) clients with designing and implementing enterprise analytics capabilities. Michael currently holds a Green Belt certification in Lean Six Sigma and a B.A. in Chemistry from College of the Holy Cross.

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