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Interoperability is the ability of first responders to communicate effectively across multiple agencies, disciplines, and jurisdictions when needed. While it is one of the most fundamental needs of our emergency responders, it has also been one of the most daunting challenges to overcome. This challenge becomes even more complicated as the public safety community attempts to keep pace with the evolving technology landscape by integrating state-of-the-art systems, networks, devices, and applications, which introduces a whole new set of risks.

Lafayette Group has been at the forefront of supporting public safety on emergency communications efforts at all levels of government for more than a decade. We directly apply the real-world experience and lessons learned from our cadre of public safety subject matter experts to our emergency communications projects to ensure that our solutions truly meet the needs of first responders. Our experience has shown us that successful emergency communications may start with the equipment – but it is the governance, coordination, operational policies, and practice that make technology successful during an incident. From training and exercises to more forward-leaning strategic planning efforts, Lafayette Group ensures that our Nation’s first responders are prepared to support the most catastrophic disasters today and into the future.


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Strategy & Technology Planning

Understanding where an agency is today and where they want to be both in terms of organization and technology is critical to drive a program’s efforts into the future. From a technology standpoint, agencies requiring mission critical communications capabilities are often faced with budgeting for future technology investments that are years out with no clear understanding on where certain new technologies might be in terms of maturity or adoption. For example, a jurisdiction may be considering whether augmented reality vehicle displays may be worth investing in for increased responder safety; however, they may be unsure of the technology maturity and its overall reliability for public safety needs. Similarly, understanding where legacy technologies will be in terms of obsolescence and when they should be phased out is equally important.

Our team works with clients to understand their organizational and technology priorities and needs and crafts tailored strategies to drive future efforts across the organization. Our Strategy & Technology Planning services include:

  • Strategic planning

  • Strategy implementation

  • Technology roadmapping

  • Technology investment planning

  • Organizational change and CONOPS

Experts & Project Insights

Jessica Jones

After serving 10 years in local law enforcement as a 911 operator, police radio dispatcher, communications training officer, and communications assistant supervisor, Jessica Jones joined Lafayette Groupin 2018 to support the Department of Homeland Security Emergency Communications Division (DHS ECD). For Jessica, working in law enforcement allowed her to connect with people and offer comfort in some of the worst moments of their lives.

Since coming to Lafayette Group, her favorite project has been working with state government clients and subject matter experts to design cybersecurity training for public safety answering points. "When I left public safety, I had no expectation of art coming back into my life this way. I enjoy taking complex ideas and creating aesthetic, dynamic products to bridge the gap between what's information and what's art. Sometimes the consulting space can be so technical it's easy to forget that there's more to storytelling than words." Jessica aids DHS ECD with policy, programs, and multiple technical assistance projects.

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