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Our Services


Analytics (Black).png

Creating analytics frameworks to establish the necessary data governance, processes, tools, training, and security to ensure that the resulting analytics capability meets and supports an organization’s strategic objectives.


Cyber (Black)].png

Leveraging industry expertise to help leaders and managers improve cybersecurity readiness across all levels of their organizations.

The services we provide allow us to work with our clients and stakeholders to provide support towards the development of a thoughtful strategy, while still paying attention to the details that make a difference. Success for the client is the only possible outcome. LGI's commitment to excellence is especially evident in the creative solutions we have developed to overcome significant program challenges: translating proven practices into a new operational environment where there has been significant pushback; quickly creating technical assistance workshops to address identified operational gaps; bringing together stakeholders and disciplines towards a common goal; and quickly updating plans to match a change in program priorities.

Election Security

ES (Black).png

Safeguarding and protecting the physical security and cybersecurity of the Nation's election infrastructure. 

Emergency Communications

EC Black.png

Ensuring the public safety community has access to operable and interoperable communications during all incidents, disasters, and events. 

Law Enforcement & Intelligence

LE (Black).png

Partnering with law enforcement, intelligence, security leaders, and practitioners to develop best practices and opportunities for advancing law enforcement’s abilities.

Training & Technical Assistance

Training and TA (Black).png

Improving operational effectiveness and response through robust training and customized services.

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